Josh Killingsworth Voice Studio

100% online lessons (via Zoom)

* Individual lessons

* Sight reading/Theory

* Group singing

Here is what you will need:

Make sure you have a reliable device (phone, tablet, computer) for lessons.

Download the app - I prefer Zoom for lessons, but FaceTime is an option as well.

As always, put yourself in a room with no distractions, where you will be able to sing comfortably.

To avoid video lagging and audio issues, use earbuds or headphones - attach to one ear to hear me, and leave one ear uncovered to hear yourself accurately. 


Payment is due at the beginning of each month.


Click on your preferred lesson to pay online. 

Other payment options are:

Venmo or CashApp (username JoshieSings)

Checks made out to Josh Killingsworth Music